Alone with yourself

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with” Wayne W Dyer

Don’t you just love the idea Wayne Dyer promotes here? If you like yourself, you’re never lonely, even or especially when you’re alone. It’s a simple and beautifully elegant truth.

No matter how much you love or like someone else, they can never be exactly the way you prefer them to be. You may certainly love them enough, in other words, still love them even when there are things you don’t especially like about them. As long as you love them enough, you put up with the things you don’t like so much about them, and so you put up. And that’s fine, in fact, often the great, satisfying and deeply fulfilling basis of many of our relationships. No complaint.

But what Dr. Dyer says takes things a step further; imagine liking and loving someone so completely that they conform exactly and precisely to your preferences? Unimaginable? Not really, it is actually possible, but only under a single circumstance, which is if the object of your affection is you yourself. Isn’t that amazing? You can have the most prefect relationship imaginable, simply by choosing to love the person you are. You can be exactly how you want to be, and so be perfect for yourself. And you have total control over that, over how you are, and over your choice to love yourself. No one else is inv

olved or has any influence on this. It is purely between you and you. No fuss. No muss. No stress. No pressure. No arguments.

Bear in mind that this is not vanity, or shallow narcissism. It is based on a healthy and eyes-wide-open acceptance of yourself, a conscious and informed decision to value yourself. When you decide or choose to be worthwhile, to like and to love yourself, you create the most important and lasting relationship possible. You are never alone again because you are always with the person you love most in the world.

For more information on how to achieve this special relationship with yourself, read more of the blogs posted on this site, and wait, impatiently, for my book to be published.

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