How Can I Make Tomorrow Better than Today?

How Can I Make Tomorrow Better than Today?

So you had a bad day or two, or maybe more than that. At this point, you’re beginning to wonder whether it’s ever going to get better. What you may not realize is that the answer to your question is within your own control.

If you can get yourself going in a good direction, things tend to stay that way. That’s what’s often said, and there’s some profound truth to that. You may not stay on that good path forever. Everyone has bad days. However, if you can get yourself on the right path, you may slowly stop wondering if all of your days will end up being disappointing.

Going forward, you probably will hit a bad day. Being able to deflect negative thoughts that might be bringing you down will make it easier to pick yourself up again if you fall. You might also find it easier to dust yourself off and look forward to the next day anyway.

Make tomorrow better than today

The First Step

The first step on the way to a better tomorrow begins with you. If today didn’t go that well for you, it’s possible to make a conscious decision to change your attitude. Stop internalizing negative thoughts. Stop trying to be a people-pleaser. That is easier said than done. Nevertheless, if you can slowly purge your negative feelings and deflect new ones coming your way, tomorrow will eventually be better than today.

You may not even realize that your self-esteem could use a boost. You’ve been automatically taking the blame for any negative situation that you find yourself in when most times you are not even at fault. When you do that for long enough, those internalized negative feelings build up. This makes it hard for you to feel good about yourself, and then you start finding yourself having one bad day after another.

Deflect, Deflect, Deflect

It’s not necessarily easy, and it does take some practice, but with a little effort, you can train yourself to deflect those negative feelings. The more you are able to do that, the more you can consistently boost your self-esteem. With that new and improved self-esteem, you may feel more empowered to take on situations that you may once have shied away from due to a lack of self-worth. As you take on those situations and find yourself on the successful end of them, you will start feeling better about yourself. Those feelings are what will contribute to your having a better tomorrow.

Your Behavior Can Influence Your Day

This behavior will counter your previous actions of owning those feelings and bringing yourself down as if you aren’t worthwhile. Feeling down in the first place can contribute to a succession of bad days. Just as one bad day can lead to another, so can a good day lead to more good days.

The behavior of internalizing negative feelings is not unusual. It starts with many in childhood when they discover that by pleasing parents and teachers, they will often get the attention and praise they seek. As children grow, they often develop a people-pleasing personality. If they can’t please someone, such as a boss or a spouse, they take it personally, feeling as if they have done something wrong to cause a negative situation, and, in turn, feel bad about themselves for it.

Losing that people-pleasing mentality can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. It can be the key to your better tomorrow.

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