Feeling Guilty and Letting Go

Feeling Guilty and Letting Go

Guilt is an emotion that everyone has dealt with. It varies from experiencing a minor incident that doesn’t even deserve the feeling, to making a mistake with disastrous results that we spend most of our lives getting over. Letting go of those feelings, whether small or large, is the only way we can ever forgive ourselves and achieve the self-love that we need to be happy with ourselves.

The smallest mistake, such as forgetting to call back your mother, can leave you with an incredible feeling of guilt when she calls you to say, “What happened?” and you have no answer. Holding onto that guilt can be totally draining, and completely unnecessary. You need to develop a way of de-stressing yourself from such situations, as they will occur again and again.Letting go of guilt

Living with Guilt

Learning to live with feelings of guilt is a no-win situation. It does nothing but make you miserable, and reinforces any negative feelings you may have about yourself. Why would you want to put yourself through that, making you a victim of your own beliefs?

Guilt is the result of something that has already happened. There is nothing you can do about it. Living with negative emotions from the past is not realistic. The past becomes a memory. The future is where you need to be headed if you are ever going to learn to let go of things that are/were out of your control. You are the only one who can forgive yourself.

How to overcome feelings of guilt

Forgive yourself. This may be much harder to do than to say, but it is crucial to moving on with your life. There are consequences to everything you do in your life. Some are worse than others. Some you need to account for, but some are just negative circumstances that plague your mind unnecessarily.

Take the time to realize what is going on in mind, and notice that you are probably the only one holding yourself accountable for a certain situation. You can relieve a guilty conscience in realizing that the guilt you are feeling, is only that — a feeling. It is one you need to work on getting out of your head. If you look around, you will notice that most people are willing to forgive you your transgressions.

Use your mistakes to learn. So you made a mistake, maybe even a big one. But why should you continue to punish yourself for it over and over? Use the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, so that you won’t make them in the future. Acknowledge the feeling of guilt, but learn to let it go. Holding onto such negativity does nothing but damage your self-esteem.

Make guilt a virtue. Don’t delude yourself that something has happened that you regret, but stay true to your heart. Deep inside, you know you are a good person. It is your mind that is playing the blame game. Guilt may not be the most comfortable feeling, but it is definitely something from which you can learn.

We all try to avoid situations that make us feel guilty, but they happen. Guilt is actually a healthy part of our intellectual development. Taking responsibility for something that causes you to feel guilt is a step toward maturity. It is learning when to let go of that guilt that helps us to move on to a happier place.

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