Five Tips to Build Self-Esteem

Five Tips to Build Self-Esteem

Having low self-esteem is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It keeps you down so that you don’t necessarily live up to the bar you have set for yourself. You stop caring about your appearance – something you should care about for yourself, at least. You don’t exercise anymore, too down in the dumps to bother. Your relationships with friends are strained because you have distanced yourself from them. All of this combined can cause low self-esteem. But you are already there.

You can’t just “snap out of it,” like some believe, but you can make the choice to change. You made the choice to do all of the things that are keeping your self-esteem low. Why not choose to change your thinking, and give your self-esteem a boost? It won’t happen immediately, but over time, with practice, you will see a change for the better. That alone will make you feel better about yourself because you were the one to do it.

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To get you started on your way up the ladder to a positive self-esteem, here are five suggestions that you can use to kick off “the new you:”


Sometimes anxiety or depression gets to the point where you cannot bring yourself back all alone. Taking anti-anxiety medication or anti-depressants temporarily can bring you back to a frame of mind where you can fight your demons and learn to validate yourself on your own. Then you can slowly decrease your medication as you learn to build your self-esteem and self- worth under your own steam. Eventually, you’ll be able to eliminate medication altogether.

Take care of a pet

Owning a pet requires unconditional love and care on a daily basis. You will love your puppy despite the fact that he just knocked over the kitchen trash can and seems proud of himself for making such a mess. Love yourself that way when you make a mess. You can learn from your pet that doing something the wrong way doesn’t mean you aren’t worthwhile.

Pets also needing daily feedings and exercise and love, and they depend on you for it entirely. Taking care of a pet’s needs, especially when a trip to the vet is necessary, can shift your focus from its own worries for a while, giving you a little respite every day.

Care about your appearance

Do it for yourself, if for nobody else. Put on some nice clothes, maybe try a new hairstyle. When you look your best, you project an image of confidence. It will help you put your best foot forward and engage with the world. When you feel good about how you look, it contributes to that mountain of positive self-esteem that you are building.

Take care of your relationships

Tell your mother you love her. Give your father a hug. Call some friends and go out to the movies. These are people who want to be in your life, but you have to let them in. Engage with them. Stay in touch, even when you don’t feel like it. You will be surprised at how seeing them happy to be with you will help you realize your own self-worth.

Accept failure

When you fail, you don’t need to keep that negative emotion bottled up inside you, eating away at your self-esteem. Accept what has happened, seeing that the world hasn’t come to an end as a result of your actions. Then let go of that negative emotion, even though you know it will happen again. The next time, and the next time, it will be easier and easier to just pull up your socks and keep going.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to boost your self-esteem and feel worthwhile. Enjoy the unique person that you are. Improving your self-esteem takes practice, but you can do it as well as anyone else.

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