Be Happy with Who You Are with A Little Self-Care

Be Happy with Who You Are with A Little Self-Care

Everyone can use a little mood boost once in a while. One of the best ways to kick in some feel-good for yourself is to employ a little self-care. Self-care is exactly what it sounds like. It’s about making time for yourself — doing what it takes to improve yourself and make yourself top priority.


Make Self-Care a Priority

Taking time to take care of yourself can be the difference between enjoying your life and just getting from day to day. Self-care can be anything from dressing up and going out for a night on the town to letting yourself sleep in and then watching a movie or spending some me-time with a good book. Whatever you do for yourself, make it healing, not harmful.

Emotional self-care is just as important as physical self-care. Medical self-care should also play a part. It is easier than it sounds to strike a balance among these three. Helping others can also be a form of self-care, but always make sure that you put yourself and your needs first. In order to care for others, you need to care for you first.

Following are some examples of quality self-care:

  • Eat right — If you are like most people, your days are busier than they ever were. That makes it easy to skip meals or opt for a quick meal from a fast-food restaurant instead of eating something nutritious. You shouldn’t expect that you’ll have time for three square meals a day, every day, but don’t give up on healthy eating altogether. Make the time to eat right and you will notice a difference.
  • Exercise — Exercise is something that you can easily postpone if you need to meet a deadline at work, or you are late getting home to make dinner, or you just can’t go one more day without doing the laundry. But there are plenty of ways to get exercise without having to go to a gym. Park in the farthest spot in the parking lot at work or when you go shopping so you can get in a few extra steps. And taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a time-tested way of squeezing in a little cardio. Exercise is an important part of self-care because by itself it can help relieve depression and anxiety and can only help your self-esteem. So stick with it!
  • Get enough sleep — Nothing can make your day harder to manage than trying to get through it on too little sleep. And not getting enough sleep on a regular basis can leave you in a constant state of fatigue, which can lead to depression. Even as an adult, you should adhere to a regular bedtime, making sure you allow yourself enough time to sleep at least 7 hours a night. Keeping the same sleep schedule on the weekends helps you get into a routine and stay in one.
  • Don’t forget healthcare — Make sure you see a doctor as soon as you notice anything unusual about your health. Putting it off can result in having a minor illness turn into something much more complicated because an illness has been allowed to progress. Also, keeping prescriptions filled and taking any medicine you need regularly is an immense part of self-care.

Enjoy Your Life

Being able to enjoy your life is what self-care is all about, and once you’ve got the basics under control, you will already start feeling better about yourself. Throwing a little bit of fun self-care into the mix makes everything that much easier. So make time for leisure activities, don’t just fit them in when you can; fill a jar with all of your change every day and when the jar is full, use the money to do something just for you, or set a regular night out with friends to have fun together.

Self-care should be a priority in your life, not something that you get around to after you’ve taken care of everyone else’s needs. Put yourself first in your life, and feeling good about yourself will feel like the norm, not the exception.

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