#IamWorthy: Are You a Good Person?

We try so hard to be “good people”, but are we being ourselves in the process? This question, it turns, out is an age old question. Below is an excerpt from my book , “Born to Be Worthless” that ends with a very striking question.

Take a moment to read it and reflect on the answer.

My friend Hillel tells the charming story of a man called Zossel who dies and goes to heaven. Upon arrival at the outer gates, Zossel meets the Almighty and pleads his case for entry into paradise. He chronicles the myriad ways in which he honored the commandments, prayed regularly as prescribed, gave generously to the needy, honored his parents, was kind to all, never missed a religious service, and studied with the great teachers of the day. He was a model citizen, congregant, student, husband, and father, and a faithful servant of the Lord. When he finished his submission, the Holy One was quiet, looked him closely, and said, “Yes, yes, you were surely a good man, but were you Zossel?”
















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