#IamWorthy: Going Beyond Self-Esteem to Self-Worth

Self-esteem is BIG business. A 10 billion dollar industry, to be exact.

We love self-help books with their positive affirmations, kind words, and inspiring quotes. Every year we crowd ourselves in seminars and order self-help books online to help us feel happier, better, and more successful.

The problem is that help offered by these books and seminars usually has an expiration date. At some point in the very near future, we’ll go back to our old ways of feeling less-less happy, less healthy, and less successful…until the next book and the next one.

Have you ever stopped to think about why?

Why are people so unhappy when we have countless books, self-help gurus, affirmations and more? Undoubtedly, these materials help some people, but have they helped you?

Maybe, the problem is the way you are looking at the problem.

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