What Would Jesus Do if Someone was Saying Harsh Things to People?

What Would Jesus Do if Someone was Saying Harsh Things to People?

People who say harsh things to others without realizing the effect of their words often live in a world of negativity. They tend to be moody or pessimistic, and are uncomfortable in social situations. In order to draw attention away from themselves and their own imperfections, they focus on the flaws in others, their barbs often being much more hurtful to someone than the person who made the comment had even considered. Negative people often fall into this pattern, never even realizing that their words are perceived as hurtful over and over again.helping people overcome bullying

What to Do

If you know someone who has fallen into this pattern of saying mean things, you might be anxious to know just exactly what Jesus would do to help. The very first thought that pops to mind is that he might try to show them how unhappy they are making themselves by living in the world of negativity that they have created for themselves. If someone feels better about themselves and the world in general, they will have fewer reasons to look for, and point out, flaws in others.

Try to help that person you know see the world in a better light. Chances are they don’t even realize how negative their viewpoint is. Instead of fighting fire with fire, try using peace. Jesus wants us to be peaceful. You may be able to disarm a curmudgeon by using kind and thoughtful language towards them. As you continue to do this, it may begin to rub off on your curmudgeon and slowly they may experience a change of heart and let some peace and happiness into their lives.

Do Unto Others

Until the time that person begins to see the light, you must still endure the mean comments that come your way from this person. This may sound a little corny, but an effective way to rebuff hurtful behavior is to “go to your happy place.” Remove the negativity from your mind and replace it with positive thoughts.

Think about playing with room full of sweet, adorable, cuddly kittens. Remember the time you won the gold medal for your swim team. Think of how you felt the moment your husband proposed. These positive thoughts help to deflect what is being said, and reinforce that there is more to life than just the thoughtless comments from someone who is sharing his unhappiness with how he feels.

Keep Your Perspective

So when you do encounter thoughtless people who don’t even realize that the mean things they are saying are in fact mean, kill them with kindness. Be peaceful. Replace that negativity with positive thoughts. Try to bring that person around as much as you can and help them lose some of their negativity about their lives and the world. And most of all, don’t let that negativity creep into your head and make you feel bad about yourself just because someone wants someone else to suffer with them.

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