Learn How Gratitude Can Improve Your Mood

Learn How Gratitude Can Improve Your Mood

The holidays are a time for thinking and expressing gratefulness for all that you have in the world. Chances are, when it is your time to think about what you are grateful for, you may be pleased to know that you do, in fact, have something to be grateful for. You may even have the wonderful dilemma of narrowing down your gratefulness to just one sentence.

You can improve your mood every day by taking your gratitude to the next level. Be genuinely grateful and allow others to be thankful for you. Make it a daily practice and soon you will notice that that whole world around seems a lot brighter, and the things that used to bring you down don’t seem to matter. Just being genuinely grateful.


Expressing Gratitude

Numerous studies have shown that there is a visible link between gratitude and joy. Increase the amount of thankfulness you express daily and you can enrich the satisfaction you have with your life, as well as significantly improving the quality of your relationships. Those with emotional issues can especially benefit from expressing gratitude, particularly those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Even a subtle, or not so subtle, depression that may linger in your everyday life also can be lifted by drawing your concentration away from the negative thoughts that you have and focusing more on the positive ones through showing thanks. Take a minute to concentrate on it and you will realize that there is more positivity in your life than you are letting in.

Thanking someone makes them feel appreciated. The feeling of making someone else feel better should in turn reflect back to you, improving your self-esteem for making someone else’s day that much better because of you. After all, improving your self-esteem helps improve your own sense of self-worth, both of which contribute to improving your self-esteem and self-worth.

Take Note

You can easily latch onto your positive feelings by being thankful, even seemingly small things in your life. Perhaps it’s a beautiful day, or you ran into an old friend. These things may make you take momentary notice of the good feeling they provide, but concentrating on the impact they have on your entire day will lift your mood for even longer, and make less room for negative thoughts to creep in. So, take note of the little things in life. They matter, too.

Be Pro-Active

Don’t wait for something to strike you as something to be grateful for. Seek it out. Start a gratitude journal and write in it every day, about what you can be grateful for that day, and why you think it happened. Write down a joke you heard that day that made you laugh, or something you did for someone else whose reaction made you feel good about yourself. Anything that makes you smile is something to be grateful for.

Positive psychology research has revealed that gratitude is consistently related to greater happiness. It helps you feel more positive emotions and even can improve their health. Even dealing with the negative experiences in your life can be easier when you practice being thankful. The more you focus on being grateful, the more you will appreciate your life and the world around you and the happier you will be.

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