Love Your Neighbor

Love Your Neighbor

These days, you can always run across a conversation about the negative side effects someone is suffering from a drug or illness. But how often do you hear about the positive side effects that someone is enjoying because he showed some kindness to a person in need?

Loving your neighbor is a time-tested mood booster. Something as simple as offering to bring someone’s shopping cart back to the front of the store for them can elicit an unexpected amount of appreciation and allows you to give yourself a pat on the shoulder for being a good egg. The best part is that the feelings you reap hit home because you weren’t trying to do something for a benefit. You were just being you.

And one small act of kindness can be contagious, in a good way. We have all heard the phrase, “Pay it forward.” Often it refers to someone who refuses any compensation for doing a good deed except to ask that a person does a similar good deed for someone else in need with no expectations of remuneration. This hopefully has a chain effect, with many people participating along the your neighbor

The Power of Love

There are many good reasons for showing kindness and love to others:

  • When you make someone happy, it makes you feel happy. It just does. This is probably because often your actions are spontaneous and you aren’t planning on getting anything out of it. This also can remind you that no matter what anyone says, or even how you feel about yourself sometimes, you really are a good person.
  • Showing kindness to a friend or neighbor can strengthen the bond between you. This seems an obvious point to make, but one worth making. By reducing the emotional distance between you and a friend, or friends, the resulting strengthened bond may be helpful someday and someone is there for you when you need a little help.
  • The power of love and kindness is often underestimated. Human beings respond to touch. In fact, it has been said they crave it. The less human physical interaction a person has with others, the less they tend to thrive. So give someone a hug when you greet them. Hold hands with a loved one when walking down the street together. Physical affection can help your brain as well as your heart, more than you might imagine.

Lack of Love Can Hurt

Being unkind to others can, as might be expected, have just the opposite effect. When you get angry, all of those around you can see and hear it, and it has an effect on all of them. Anger casts a negative pall on the surrounding environment, and no one feels happier or better for it.

Your anger can cause your friends or loved ones to be upset or feel put off, intimidated or afraid. In any situation, anger never promotes a positive or healthy environment. And you may end up pushing some of those close to you further away emotionally.

Love and kindness can only strengthen the ability to better bond with one another and make you feel good about yourself. Anger and negativity can only do the opposite. Why not make the obvious choice?

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