Self-Love Can Steer You Away from Addiction

Self-Love Can Steer You Away from Addiction

Self-love is key to achieving a healthy level of self-esteem. It is a state in which people find themselves when they are able to do just that — they can love themselves. When someone is suffering from addiction, most likely they are also suffering from a lack of self-love. Many people struggle with achieving, and maintaining it, but those who are addicts have a serious deficit of self-love, which is something that can help them want to get straight and stay that way.

Self-love can steer addicts of any kind towards the path of recovery — alcoholics, opiate addicts, heroin addicts, those addicted to other prescription or street drugs, and especially those with a love addiction. If you are addicted to love, or sex, chances are that you are seeking the love that you don’t have for yourself. Without loving yourself, any level of recovery that an addict may make is most likely temporary.self-love helps addiction

Self-Love Isn’t Easy

It is not always an easy task to achieve self-love, and in fact many, many people struggle with learning to love themselves every day. Those who feel self-love are happy with who they are and the decisions they make. They acknowledge their faults and carry on, learning from the mistakes they make in life. They accept who they are, as they are, and through this they are able to respect and care for others.

Self-love originates in childhood, coming from loving, nurturing parents who displayed the benefits of being caring and kind, and accepted a child’s flaws at face value. So in essence, learning self-love, or emotional self-protection, begins the day we are born.

Addiction and Self-Love

Practicing self-love can be challenging, especially during tough times like facing the challenge of recovering from an addiction. Self-love is not about being self-absorbed, it’s about learning to achieve well-being and happiness. When you have an addiction, practicing self-love can help you raise a deficit in your self-worth that may be limiting your ability to see the life you deserve to be living.

Whether or not you are and addict, following are some things you can do to learn to achieve self-love, and in turn help steer you in the right direction in life:

  • Find something positive about yourself each day, something to make you smile. Even something as silly as being happy that you’re having a good hair day.
  • End toxic relationships. People who can lead down a path of destruction, or make you feel bad about yourself in any way are people to eliminate from your life.
  • Be proud of yourself for your achievements, no matter how small. Sometimes you are the one who needs to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
  • Face your fears. Sometimes your fears are what’s stopping you from making a breakthrough, in addiction recovery, or a passion in your life. When you run up against a wall of fear, try to climb over it. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you find on the other side.
  • Self-love is constantly evolving. You need to practice it daily to get there and to maintain it, but it’s also something upon which you can always improve.
  • Have respect for others and treat them the way you’d like them to treat you. It will make you feel better about yourself when you help others feel better about themselves.
  • Find something to be grateful for each day. There is always something, if you just stop and think, even on those tough days.
  • Reach out to family and friend when you need to get you through tough times. No one expects you to go through them alone. Learn to ask for help.
  • Set boundaries, both in self-love and addiction recovery. Learn to say no when saying yes could be the trigger to becoming overwhelmed, which can lead to something worse.

Watch Things Change for The Better

As you practice and improve your ability to love yourself, you will notice things changing for the better. This will help you feel better about yourself and make addiction recovery that much easier, especially when you know that you’ve always got you on your side.

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