Take Action to Change Your Depressed Mood

Take Action to Change Your Depressed Mood

When you are depressed, you don’t want to do anything. Usually you don’t do anything. You lose interest in the things you usually enjoy doing. Nobody wants to be depressed. And if you are already in the throes of depression, you rarely have the energy to make the effort to pull yourself out of it. But you can do it, simply by changing some of your thought patterns to positive ones from negative ones.controlling depression

Keep Track of Your Thoughts

An easy way to get started changing your mind about your depression is just to keep track of the negative thoughts you have in a particular day. Do this for just two or three days and you may begin to see a pattern about what is getting you down.

Next, take those thoughts you’ve written down and focus on how you can solve the problems that you have written down. Focus on anything positive you can come up with. If some of your thoughts are about being a victim of others actions, think hard about whether those actions or comments were specifically directed at you, or if you chose to accept the negative connotations as meant for you.

This may not be the only solution to your depressed mood, but trying to tone down your negative thoughts can definitely help you change your mood. Maybe life won’t feel so hopeless, and the thought of the future may hold some promise for you.

Other Ways to Change your Mood

When all you want to do is stay in bed with the covers pulled over your head, just the opposite might be what you need. If you can manage to put on some clothes and drag a comb through your hair, a little fresh air can be a big help. Take a walk, go the park, sit on a bench and watch the people go by. Being around others is known to be a mood lifter. Walking a trail and taking in the beauty of nature can often calm a bad mood and help you have a better outlook on life.

Listen to some music. People often revert to listening to favorite songs, or songs with particular meanings when they are down. There is something healing about listening to the music that you’ve discovered and loved over the years.

When all else fails, give in. Let yourself be depressed, or angry, and just ride out the mood. Punch a pillow, smash a dish on the floor. Get those negative feelings out of your system however you need to do it.

Depression Triggers

There are many triggers that can cause depression, many of which are hard to miss:

  • Job loss — Anyone who loses their job, for whatever reason, may start to slide downhill.
  • “Empty Nest” syndrome — Parents, who are used to dealing with family chaos on a constant basis, may suddenly feel lost when their last chickadee has left the nest, and consequently become sad and lonely that there is no more chaos to manage.
  • Caregiver stress — Caregivers are often on call 24/7, and can simply burn out, feeling sorry for themselves that they are missing out on what could be their real lives.
  • Losing a loved one — Almost anyone who loses a loved one goes through a period of grief and sadness, but there comes a point when grief turns in a constant state of depression.

With a minimum of effort, you can begin to work on the negative outlook you have on life that is leading to your depression. As you replace that negativity with positive thoughts, you’ll be able to pull yourself out of that funk and enjoy your life.

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