Using Facebook to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Using Facebook to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Using Facebook can boost your self-esteem, according to a study from Cornell University. Facebook allows people to put their best face forward, according to Jeffrey Hancock, associate professor of communications at Cornell. Being able to choose what to reveal about yourself and filtering out anything that might reflect poorly on you gives you a chance to weed out the negativity that may be lurking in your brain and making you feel glum.

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Projecting a Positive View

It’s all about having the control to project a positive view of yourself to the world, without being deceptive. The fact that you are a concert pianist may not come up in everyday chit chat, but you could post something about one of your performances on Facebook and let everyone know without seeming like you are bragging.

Facebook lets you put your best face forward. It also allows you to filter out anything that might make you feel bad about yourself. It can help you depict yourself in a very positive light, without the imperfections that a mirror might reflect, whether or not they are just in your head.

Getting Back in Touch

Getting back in touch with old friends and acquaintances through Facebook can make you feel good too, especially when someone from your past seeks you out. Perhaps you were once great friends with someone, but over time you grew apart as your lives started to go in different directions. On Facebook, you can reconnect and “talk” when each of you has time from your different lives.

You’ll notice that even though you may have let your relationship slide, you can often pick up right from where you left off, sharing the same types of jokes that you always used to, and reinforcing that there are many people in your life who value and respect you and like spending time with you.

Polish Up Your Profile

Your Facebook profile is where you have the chance to express yourself to others the way you want to be seen. Make sure you keep your personal information current. Post pictures and comments about yourself in everyday situations that others can identify with, which may get them to interact with you, or respond to your posts with a “Like” or a comment.

And by all means, toot your own horn whenever you get a chance. If you’ve won a scholarship, or written a book or finally paid off you student loans, that’s positive news to convey, news that makes you feel good about yourself and will invite positive comments from other Facebook friends.

Avoid Negative Posts

Don’t get carried away, though. You might see a post on Facebook with which you don’t agree and be tempted to challenge that person’s views. This can quickly escalate into an online argument, for all of your friends to see, revealing a negative side of you that you’d rather not express. It’s important to put a filter on what you post and say on Facebook to keep it the source of positive self-esteem that it can be.

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